Articles by Victoria Wylie

Day 16: Matisse (On-line Workshops)

Matisse’s Collage Turning to another favourite artist of mine, Matisse, the children created colourful collages by cutting scraps of paper into a variety of shapes. The children were encouraged to play with the paper cut–outs, looking at the juxtaposition of colours and shapes, to overlap, to play with scale, positive and negative spaces and to

Day 15: Taking a Line for a Walk (On-line Workshops)

Characters and Beastie Following on from the previous workshops, looking to the artist, Miró for inspiration, we took another process used by some Surrealist artists: ‘automatic drawing’,  but for this workshop, we called it ‘taking a line for a walk’. By letting the pencil freely draw loops and doodles, the children created a series of

Day 14: Joan Miró (On-line Workshops)

Joan Miró – Symbols and Surrealism For today’s workshop we looked to the Spanish Surrealist artist, Joan Miro, for inspiration. Using overlapping shapes, symbols and blocks of colour, the children made their own dreamlike and surreal images. Some fun and crazy creations, some include secret hidden codes!! All artworks are made by children age 7

Day 13: Van Gogh Sunflowers (On-line Workshops)

Van Gogh’s Sunflowers Continuing the sessions looking at famous artists, I chose to design a workshop around Van Gogh’s sunflowers. Spending so much time in my garden with all of  the flowers is filling me with so much joy and inspiration! Before the workshop started, I did get a request from one of the children,

Day 12: Kandinsky Circles (On-line Workshops)

Kandinsky Circles Continuing the sessions looking at famous artists, I had a request to design a Kandinsky ‘circle’ inspired workshop. This is a session I have run many times before because it’s a really fun and accessible activity and a fantastic opportunity to make collaboratively as a group. But during lockdown, this of cource, is

Day 11: Picasso Portraits (On-line Workshops)

Picasso Portraits We’ve been using a lot of colour, geometric shapes and patterns during these on-line workshops, and today’s was no different – inspired by Cubism and the portraits of Picassso, the children made their very own vibrant portraits. All artworks are made by children age 8 – 12yrs Dates for future on-line workshops are

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