Archive: 31 October 2017

Making an Embellished Collage: An Intergenerational Workshop 2

Jewellery designer, Sheila Roussel and myself ran two workshop as part of Luminate – Scotland’s Creative Ageing Festival. The first was on Saturday 21 October from my Explore Play Create studio in Forfar. The second was at Create at NEST in Blairgowrie on Sunday 28 October. Family members were invited to take part in this

Marykirk bumps, babies & toddlers 2

I was delighted to be asked back to the Marykirk bumps, babies and toddlers group again after first visiting them about 18 months ago when I ran my Kandinsky circles workshop. This time I decided to run two of my favourite workshops for really little ones: the first activity I did earlier this year  –

October Holidays Art Camp 2017

Botanical Studies For the October holidays I decided to plan a workshop that was very drawing focussed – while we do do a lot of drawing in other workshops, it’s not always the main focus, because while I know the children love to draw, they can quite easily do this at home, at school or