Jewellery designer, Sheila Roussel and myself ran two workshop as part of Luminate – Scotland’s Creative Ageing Festival. The first was on Saturday 21 October from my Explore Play Create studio in Forfar. The second was at Create at NEST in Blairgowrie on Sunday 28 October.

Family members were invited to take part in this creative workshop and become absorbed in the world of creative making by spending time learning techniques, exchanging stories and sharing experiences together. Joining us for both workshops were grandparents, children and grandchildren – each were invited to bring with them photographs and momentos which they might wish to include in their collage. Participants were able to make a collaborative collage or work on their own piece.

To begin the workshop,  a variety of techniques were introduced to the participants to enable them to make choices about what they wanted to include in their collage – what materials to use and how to compose and construct it. Techniques included photo transfer, hammering copper plates with letters, embossed lettering and sewing with fabric and paper.

Most of the participants used the photo transfer process as this formed the centre-piece for the collages. Then each person/family group embellished their artworks with personal items as well as the many bits and bobs provided – these included buttons, ribbon, fabric, beads, washi tape, maps, patterned paper, tissue paper and paper stampers. The results were striking and deeply personal stories, each representing a beautiful way to share time and make with a loved one.

2 comments on “Making an Embellished Collage: An Intergenerational Workshop

  1. Workshop was fantastic. My mum, myself and Eilidh all throughly enjoyed it and could have spent all day making our collages in a lovely studio with lovely people. Collage now completed and displayed proudly on living room wall. Thank you very much both of you. Clairex

    1. Victoria Post author

      That’s lovely to hear, Claire. Thanks so much for taking time to leave us your feedback. I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished collage. 🙂 x

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