Archive: 27 April 2020

Day 9: Spring Fields (On-line Workshops)

Spring Fields After a family bike ride at the weekend it became obvious how much our landscape has changed over the last few days – greens are becoming more vibrant, the browns are disappearing, and the vibrant yellow of rape seed oil is starting to emerge. We’re lucky enough to stay in a rural location

Day 8: Whose Tail? (On-line Workshops)

Whose Tail? Using a combination of different shapes and patterns, we drew a variety of tails scattered across our sheet of paper. Once happy with the amount drawn, we looked at the quaility of them and imagined what kind of creatures could be found at the other end of them!! The children used their imaginations

Day 7: Birds (On-line Workshops)

Birds A return to a favourite of mine – birds!! We have done lots of bird making activities over the years, my workshop are hugely inspired by nature! During ‘lockdown’ the birds in our garden have been busier and noisier than ever, and we’ve been really enjoying watching them on our new bird feeds made

Day 6: Zentangles (On-line Workshops)

Zentangle Designs Designing zentangles is a favourite workshop activity of mine – we have used this way of creating patterns in a number of my workshops – we made trees with Options in Life at Murton Trust and also when some of the young creatives who come to my workshops made dioramas in shoe boxes.

Day 5: Totem Poles (On-line Workshops)

Totem Poles We looked to indigenous cultures for today’s inspiration for the workshop – particularly First Nation people around the Pacific Northwest, as well as New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. Totem Poles are part of cultural traditions of some indigenous people – these tall sculptures are carved out of wood and can feature figures

Day 4: Beach Ball Balancing (On-line Workshops)

Beach Ball Balancing! So a bit of silly fun today – the children were asked to draw some characters all balancing on one teeny-tiny beach ball – what facial expressions will they have – are they happy, sad, scared, worried, angry or just completely excited by their crazy antics?!! Please take a look and see