Archive: 25 November 2017

Winter Term 2017 – Week 4

Imagined Worlds and Characters: part 4 This week was the chance for the young creatives to complete their models. This was done with careful painting of the clay pieces, making sure the children paid close attention to the different ares of their creations, so that the wonderful detail they made the previous week was not

Winter Term 2017 – Week 3

Imagined Worlds and Characters: part 3 On to week 3 of the workshops and moving onto developing our little characters created in the earlier sessions.  The young creatives had a choice of how they wished to make their characters – either using clay or junk modelling.  Fortunately my years of hoarding pays off when it

Winter 2017: Exhibitions and Maker’s events

Here’s a list of winter events where you can find me selling my work over the coming weeks, with one event still to be announced!! Hope to see you at one of these lovely venues… and remember it’s good to shop local and support small businesses. It’s going to be a busy but happy festive

Winter Term 2017 – Week 2

Imagined Worlds and Characters: part 2 Week 2 of Imagined Worlds and Characters and we went a little bit silly – with crazy collages!! Going right back to the old school way of ‘cut and paste’ with a mass of wonderfully colourful and glossy magazines kindly donated by Gillian at Folk Cafe / The Parlour.

Winter Term 2017 – Week 1

Imagined Worlds and Characters: part 1 For the children who have been coming to my workshops for a while, it has been great to get to know them so well over the years and therefore develop the workshops around their likes, interests and favourite activities. Many of the children, particularly on my Tuesday evening and