Imagined Worlds and Characters: part 4

This week was the chance for the young creatives to complete their models. This was done with careful painting of the clay pieces, making sure the children paid close attention to the different ares of their creations, so that the wonderful detail they made the previous week was not lost. The children had to be particularly careful not to snap off any pieces as the dried clay could be quite fragile. They did really well, some tricky bits really well painted – and loads of concentration. Some of the pieces will get a second coat next time at the workshops.

Those making junk models either made more pieces or chose to embellish their creations further. Some used a salt dough paste to strengthen their pieces – to speed up this process they were baked in a low oven to harden them up, which allowed them to be painted too. Others dressed their dolls with clothes, others decided to give the clay making a go. Each young creative was given the opportunity to work at their own pace, really encouraging them to make their own decisions about how to progress with their ideas. A huge variety of results, processes and materials used.

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