Archive: 22 February 2017

Spring Term 2017 – weeks 3 & 4 (Tuesday)

Pablo Picasso Weeks 3 & 4: Carrying on with the Picasso portraits from week 2, the children developed some of their ideas and techniques they had used over the previous weeks and started to compose and paint bold, bright paintings. They experimented with colour mixing and played with different ways of applying the paint, creating

Spring Term 2017 – weeks 3, 4 & 5 (Sat & Weds)

Under the Sea Week 3, 4 & 5: Using the paper they produced in week 2, the children chose sea creatures they wanted to include in their under the sea artworks. They carefully drew, and then cut out their designs. They embellished the creatures further, adding more patterns using pens and pencils, as well as

Popping UP!!

I’ve had the joy of taking part in a number of Pop Up shops/galleries over the last few months. These are the perfect opportunity for me to make fun and affordable little pieces, as well as offering me the chance to meet and chat to folk who are interested in buying my artwork. And I’m

Spring Term 2017 – week 2 (Sat & Weds)

Under the Sea Week 2: This week we worked collaboratively, making a large colourful piece to be used in week 3. We studied images of sea creatures, paying close attention to pattern and colour. The children were then set lose with their imaginations and with lots of energy produced a huge colourful, pattern filled artwork.

Spring Term 2017 – week 2 (Tuesday)

Pablo Picasso Week 2: Using all of the ideas the children produced in week 1, they started to make Picasso inspired compositions. We spent a while looking at some of Picasso’s portraits as well as African masks, paying attention to colour and composition. The children added facial features to their heads, starting with the drawings

My homemade baking

So for every workshop, I always make some yummy home made delights as the children always get mega hungry after working so hard. I always give them fresh fruit and water, but there’s nothing like a small treat to keep their enthusiasm going. Throughout my time running the workshops, I have tried a variety of