Under the Sea
Week 3, 4 & 5: Using the paper they produced in week 2, the children chose sea creatures they wanted to include in their under the sea artworks. They carefully drew, and then cut out their designs. They embellished the creatures further, adding more patterns using pens and pencils, as well as sparkles and coloured tape. This process was really involved as everyone took great care paying attention to the detail of each sea creature. Some of the quicker workers started to compose their final compositions in week 4, using the watery canvases they created in week 1. Many of the artworks were nearing completion by the end of week 5 and as promised they are an explosion of rich colour, pattern and textures. It has been wonderful to see what each child chose to add to their artworks, and how they did it – some were free and wild with their choices and application, whereas other were meticulous, with no room for error! The finished artworks are a full-on celebration of colour, mark making, textures, patterns and shapes using lots of different media and the children all had a go at a variety of different processes including drawing, printing, colour mixing, stenciling, cutting, collage and embellishing.

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