Imagined Worlds and Characters: part 2

Week 2 of Imagined Worlds and Characters and we went a little bit silly – with crazy collages!! Going right back to the old school way of ‘cut and paste’ with a mass of wonderfully colourful and glossy magazines kindly donated by Gillian at Folk Cafe / The Parlour. During their ICT classes at school, most of the young creatives had experienced the idea of ‘pasting’ images into something like a Powerpoint presentation. Same idea here, but using good old fashioned scissors and glue. For inspiration we looked back at the drawings from week 1 as well as looking through images on the iPad of Collages and  Montages made by a variety of artists  and explored the fun, imaginative and often surreal world of collage. Paying attention to the idea of creating a setting with a character, we looked at playing with scale, morphing objects/characters into one another, creating some kind of visual narrative, as well as having fun with their ideas. The results were wonderful, crazy, funny and imaginative!! And the children had soooooo much fun!!!

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