A return to a favourite of mine – birds!! We have done lots of bird making activities over the years, my workshop are hugely inspired by nature! During ‘lockdown’ the birds in our garden have been busier and noisier than ever, and we’ve been really enjoying watching them on our new bird feeds made by Woven Willow.

For this workshop we used basic shapes – such as circles, ovals, rectangles, and triangles to start off making the shape of the birds – we then sketched to refine and develop these further into bird shapes. We added features such as legs, wings, feathers, crests and beaks to give them different characters, as well as adding patterns and colour. Some of the birds were imaginary birds others were ones which we might find in our gardens. Some were set in an environment such as a forest, others were perched on a twig. All are wonderfully individual!!

All artworks are made by children age 7 – 12yrs

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