Sticks and Ents!

The workshops returned to Murton Turst for Summer Holiday Art Camp. This magnificent place gives the children the opportunity to explore the Nature Reserve, take field-notes and sketches and be inspired by the flora and fauna of this beautiful landscape. This nature-inspired workshop explored making with sticks, playing with clay, and creating wearable natural keepsakes!

We kicked started the day by taking a walk on one of the many beautiful trails through the trees, which you can find on the nature reserve. We talked about tree spirits and the mythology behind them – we looked at examples of carved trees, illustrations and ‘Ents’ – the tree-like beings in Lord of the Rings.

Using clay, tools and natural materials the children got to work in pairs or by themselves to create fun, cheeky and happy characters on the trees. The children loved creating their characters, concentrating on facial expressions and each had a different narrative.

After returning to the Tipi, the children were given a huge variety of natural materials to create more characters and compositions – turning pebbles into birds and people, and shells into dogs. This fun and engaging activity resulted in many wonderful creations.

The day ended with more making using natural materials – this time embellishing their finds and collections with wire, beads and thread. Everyone had a chance at making some kind of wearable art – from badges to necklaces and key-rings.

Before the children left, we had a treat of toasted marshmallows made on the fire pit. A really fun and imaginative day!