Festive Illustrations!

Tuesday winter workshops were mixed-media illustrations looking at the traditional Christmas Carol, ‘I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing in.’

Week 1: We looked at some examples of collage and talked about what an illustration was, looking at the relationship between words and the visual.

The children then went to play with watercolour paint, pencils and wax to create marks and colours for an early morning winter sky. They were also encouraged to add additional mixed media materials to create a further interest to the sky – paper snowflakes, stars and fake snow were added to create a beautiful skyline. The rolling sea was made using a similar processes, adding in extra white paint to create the white foam on the crashing waves.

Week 2 saw the children create the three ships using collage materials. They had the choice of old books, corrugated card, magazines, coloured paper, buttons and cocktails sticks, amongst lots of other things too!!

They were encouraged to make bright, decorative ships, and also to add in any additional features to their snowy sea scene. The final touch was to incorporate the words from the first verse of this traditional carol.

The final compositions were charming Christmassy compositions, each bursting with so much interest and detail.

Week 3: this winter workshop gave the children an opportunity to make a choice of Christmas crafts to give as presents. Everyone had the choice of making something from the Festive Craft Afternoon.