Autumn 2015: Saturday morning workshops

Nature’s Garden . The creative explorers became botanists for this 3 week block. Week 1: The creative explorers became botanists this morning and created beautiful ‘stained glass’ sun catchers. The children explored the garden and collected their own plants for making stunning creations. Hard working and bubbling with enthusiasm <3 Week 2: The creative explorers

Summer holiday workshops 2015, Pre-school

Imagined worlds and characters Day 1: Printing with leaves, vegetables and fruit – beautiful marks and colours Day 2: Collaborative wall drawing – drawing their imagined worlds Day 3: Making puppet creatures from their prints – including a lovely ladybird and a 3-eyed alien. At the end of the workshop, the children made up their

Summer holiday workshops 2015, Primary aged

Imagined worlds and characters Day 1: Drawing imagined worlds and printing with fruit, vegetables and leaves Day 2: Using the prints from Day 1 to make collages for the dioramas – cherry blossom, secret doors, Greek gods, to hotels in the forest and flowers as tall as trees….making a 2D idea into a 3D diorama

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