Seasonal process art and Christmas crafting

Week 1: Exploring 3 simple processes with very seasonal Autumn leaves – Relief rubbings, negative spaces and printing.
Week 2: Autumn leaves continued – careful drawing, lovely mark making and bold water colours. Inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe.
Week 3: Autumn colours moving into cold winter colours. Still looking at pattern and taking inspiration from the very child-friendly ‘Squares and Concentric Circles’ by Kandinsky. This group worked on a large collaborative piece. The energy, enthusiasm and giggles were abundant! Brilliant
Week 4: More pattern making with cold winter colours. The group were given lots of interesting objects to print with and to use as stencils, and encouraged to make marks and patterns using all they had learned during the previous weeks for inspiration!
Week 5: Clay decorations – continuing with pattern making and using the same tools as week 4, this time using homemade air drying clay to make textures and imprints on. The finished pieces will be perfect for hanging on a Christmas tree!
Week 6: Paper Stars – and the last of the Christmas crafts! Like such TV greats (The Great Pottery Throw Down/The Great British Bake Off) this was Explore Play Create’s equivalent of the technical challenge!! Concentration required – a few issues getting there, but with a little input from me, we did get there!! Once you get the hang of these decorations they are so simple and very stunning!

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