Seasonal process art and Christmas crafting

Week 1: We looked at patterns and explored 3 simple processes with very seasonal Autumn leaves – Relief rubbings, negative spaces and printing. Really focussed and studious efforts today. Lovely results 🙂
Week: 2 Sticking with patterns and Autumnal colours, but this week we looked at repeating patterns taking inspiration from the very child-friendly ‘Squares and Concentric Circles’ by Kandinsky. Delightful results, each with their own personalities which say so much about the little creatives who made them!
Week 3: Switching to a winter palette this week and the start of Christmas crafting. It felt like a Winter Wonderland in the studio today as the children started making their twiggy trees and frozen coloured pots. Very messy but calm and studious this morning. 🙂
Week 4: Decoration making for the twiggy trees – yarn stars!! Loved getting the colourful yarns out today – reminds me why I have such a love of textiles. Absolutely charming decorations made, and the kids were concentrating so hard. Wonderful!!!
Week 5: Clay decorations – continuing with patterns and Christmas decoration making – this time using homemade air drying clay to make textures and imprints on. The finished pieces will be perfect for hanging on their twiggy trees!
Week 6: Weeks of hard work and the final results are all brought together in the gorgeous twiggy wishing trees. Each one completed with hand made decorations. Delightful and oozing with loveliness 🙂 A fitting end to an amazing workshop block.

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