Dragons, Fairytales and all things Mythical and Magical.
The little ones are invited to indulge their magical minds. Heaps of books for inspiration and wonderfully descriptive excerpts from classic fairytales, folklore and mythology. The processes being introduced include collage, stenciling and drawing with wire. The results look amazing!

Week 1: Always fun to start a session – collaborative drawing helps the little ones share ideas, as well as make buddies.
Getting to grips with collage. Stories, books and illustrations are our inspiration for this block, so we’re using photocopies of new and old classic books to get the process started
Week 2: Adding more layers and textures on to the college paper, this week with stencils
Week 3: Trying out collage for the first time. Dressing fairies, decorating castles and making dragons breathe fire
Week 4: The children illustrated more excerpts from books. This time they got to choose a favourite from Traditional Fairie Tales, Dragons, Harry Potter, Greek Mythology, Peter Pan or Alice in Wonderland. Lovely results – great drawing.
Week 5: The children illustrated more excerpts from books. This week they used the collage paper they made earlier in the block to draw their ideas on. A little bit of magic happened today. Lovely whimsical drawings.
Week 6: Drawing with Wire – the little ones really embraced the new material, really keen to make twists and turns and to embellish it. I think the results are simply gorgeous. Really enhanced by the sun pouring into the studio and making ‘double drawings’ with the shadows. Stunning 🙂

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