Land Art with a little bit of weaving
Week 3: We carried on working in a similar way to the previous 2 weeks, but this time with a twist – a woven twist to be precise! I turned our log stools into temporary weaving looms. After demonstrating some very basic weaving techniques, and a few suggestions on how they may want to ‘warp’ up, the little artists were let loose with wool, string and lots of finds from the garden again. What was fascinating about this workshop (as also seen in the previous Wednesday workshop) is that a lot of the artists became purely fascinated with the possibilities about the patterns which could be made during  the ‘warping’ up, rather than the actual weaving and embellishing. It was wonderful to see how they all played with the materials in their own unique and individual way – and the colours were so vibrant!! Everyone recorded their results with a digital camera.

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