A big celebration of summer with Stick painting, bunting and den making
Day 1: Twiggy painted forests: such fun painting hazel sticks – I ‘planted’ 3/4ft high sticks in my garden yesterday and let the little ones loose on them today. Choosing a pale background colour to start off, and depending on how quickly they worked, moved onto another 2, 3 or even 4 sticks. After a short break to allow the paint to dry (and eat homemade banana loaf!), the little creatives then went to town with colour and pattern, making some striking designs. The colourful forest looked amazing by the end of the day, but the photos just don’t do it justice at all!!

(The hazel sticks were donated courtesy of Woven willow (www.facebook.com/WovenWillowArt) and Angus Boundaries (www.angusboundaries.co.uk)
Thanks Rachel and Torq – saved a whole lot of time as I didn’t have to go foraging!!

Day 2: Bunting making! Fun, summery, bright and cheery…. gorgeous doodles of favourite things. All finished off with beaded decorations to tie the bunting ribbon onto. I completed the bunting by sewing all the flags together onto their chosen coloured backing and ribbon. 15 metres of ribbon and a few hours later and they were finally finished!

Day 3: Yarn wrapping and den building. The twigs that we started on Day 1 were completed today with some yarn wrapping to enhance the already bright, cheery twigs. Quite a few of the wee ones mastered tying double knots for the first time too, so a massive achievement!! We then built a twiggy tent, using the colourful twigs and gorgeous bunting. Very proud artists!! Finally we did a team effort on wigwam building. Everyone worked together to make a basic hazel frame. A fab way to round off the week 🙂

4 comments on “Summer Holidays 2016 (week 2)

  1. That looks like a lot of fun, my girls were gutted not to make your workshops x

    1. Victoria Post author

      Thanks Francinne, they’ve been great fun and lots of lovely things made! And yes, a shame your girls make these ones, but plenty more to come. I’m hoping to announce the new dates for the rest of the year very soon! x

  2. Maggie Florence

    The photographs are enchanting Vicky; Rocco and Raia both thoroughly enjoyed the workshops-a perfect collaboration of the children in the group, the activities, the banana bread and yourself! Thank you so much for your quiet, gentle and encouraging approach, we’ll definitely be back for more.
    Many thanks, Maggie

    1. Victoria Post author

      Thank you Maggie. What lovely feedback! It was an absolute pleasure working with the group. Such enthusiastic and hard working creatives. Makes my day an absolute joy! <3

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