Night Skies, Stars and Christmas Robins.
Week 3: Continuing with the theme of night skies, we revisited the collaborative piece made during week 1. The painted collage background which we covered in beautiful marks creating textures and patterns by applying paint in different ways was used as the backdrop for our nighttime scene. We spent a while looking at photos of places from around the world with bright colourful house. We started off at Tobermory (aka Balamory for the younger Cbeebies fans!), travelling through Amsterdam, Paris, Italy and Mexico and then back to our shores at Neal’s Yard, London and finally the colourful beach huts which adorn Scarborough sea front! We talked about architectural features, such as roof shape, window size, tall and thin buildings, fancy window frames, balconies. chimneys and higgledy piggledy houses. The children were given colourful shapes to make collage scenes and invent their own colourful place. Some of the older children chose to use pastels which were introduced last week. All were encourage to add hand drawn details to add features to their collage pictures. Lovely bright, cheery results!

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