Under the Sea
Christmas seems such a distant memory now, but it’s fun to move on to the Spring workshops, as these sessions are always planned around ideas the children have given me during the Winter term. I try to develop activities which include both processes and subjects the children wish to explore more.

This Spring, the Saturday and Wednesday after-school class get to try out a number of different processes – mark making, painting, drawing, collage, embellishment and simple origami, as well as looking at colour and patterns. The themes of these workshop are centred around the themes of ‘Under the Sea’, and ‘Woodland Creatures, Flora and Fauna’.

Week 1 we spent a little time looking at all the weird and wonderful creatures you can find under the sea. The children then spent a little time drawing their ideas about what they would like to include in their watery creations. Next up we prepped the background for our sea themed canvases. We used lots of paint, mixing colours on the canvas as we made marks and used various tools to help make interesting patterns and textures. the result were beautiful with lots of blue hands!

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