Pablo Picasso
Weeks 5 & 6: Model making! After being inspired by Picasso for the Spring block, we continued with the same theme, but taking the creations into 3 dimensional form. The children were shown more of Picasso’s artwork, this time focussing on his sculptures as well as his portraits, but we also spent time looking at African masks – a source of inspiration for Picasso. The children were given masses of raw materials – cardboard, bottle tops, plastic, match sticks, yarn, paper, tin foil…. the list goes on!! and of course, tonnes of glue and then let loose – choosing to create masks, sculptures or anything else which had inspired them during this Picasso block. Some of the children had even brought in some of their own materials as they had been thinking a lot about what they were going to create in the days since the last workshop. Busy, concentrated working and the quietest they had ever been!! A real diverse mix of creations – top notch work!!

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