Butterflies: Pattern, Mark making and Colour
Week 3: The final week of this VERY short block is where the outcomes all varied – depending on age and ability and personal choice….. All the young creatives in the Saturday workshops were given a choice of how they wanted to make their final butterfly. Some of the older ones (and all of the Tuesday and Wednesday evening groups) did observational drawing – this enabled them to use the processes and ideas they had tried in the previous weeks, but refining them into well thought out compositions, using particular patterns and colours. The results were beautiful and unique to each young creative. The younger ones (and some of the older ones too!) made beautiful stained glass butterflies, with a few sparkles thrown in for good measure. There was a great deal of amusement from sticking fingers on the sticky backed plastic!!! For those with enough time, there was the chance to make ‘peg’ butterflies as well – these could be used as book marks, or just for decorative purposes.

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