Stick Weaving
I’ve done many weaving workshops in the past – but this is the first time I have done stick weaving – despite meaning to on so many occasions, as it’s a simple activity with no special equipment needed. A huge thanks to Rachel at Woven Willow for putting this idea back on my radar, for helping me forage the hazel branches we used for the workshop, giving me some handy tips and donating some natural materials to do this. All that’s needed for this workshop is a ‘Y’ shaped sturdy stick, some string and natural materials long enough to weave with – I gathered and dried bluebell and daffodil leaves and we used fresh iris leaves, lavender, wisteria and grasses from the the EXPLORE PLAY CREATE garden. We also used rushes and willow bark from Rachel.

After a demonstration and tips on how best to do the weaving, the children were left to decide what materials to use, encouraged to think about colours and patterns. Weaving is such an absorbing activity which is so calming, especially when done outside in nature. We had two beautiful, warm nights to do this workshop and the results were stunning. It was a perfect end to the Summer Term block.

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