Autumnal Leaf Designs

Winter workshops took on a seasonal theme – starting off with creating autumn leaf designs. After gathering as many different types of leaves as I could find, back in the studio the young creatives were asked to look at their different shapes and have a go at drawing the outlines of them. Drawing a variety of different leaves, the children then had to choose up to 3 shapes which they liked. These were then cut out to create stencils.

After looking at some leaf inspired designs and illustrations, the children were asked to playfully use their templates to create a design – their compositions could either have a formal or repeated pattern, or be more organic with a random pattern.

Then it is was the time to add some colour and patterns. I showed everyone some colour wheels and we talked about opposite colours, colour families and hot/cold colours. The children were encouraged to think about adding colour in a simple but bold way using perhaps just 2/3 or so colours which had a relationship with one another.

Finally we talked about patterns – the idea was to create patterns with or within the leaf shapes. Either by using opposite colours to create bright, bold lines or using pattern and decoration to create intricate designs and unique leaves.

The results were all so individual and beautiful.   

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